Come, Let Us Dance

August 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Come, let us dance,
across the silent grounds.
Let's waltz along the moonlit grass,
and bestow the night with sound.-
Come, let us kiss,
to the evolution of the skies.
Let's move the stars to feel
until tears form in their eyes.-
Come, let us sing,
to the rhythm of our hearts.
Let's match music to emotion,
prove love & life & art. -
Come, let us live,
declare our breathing souls.
Let's climb the barriers of our minds,
and for once be as a whole.
Come, let us love,
with the full force of our being.
Let's shine with everything we have,
make the moonlight dim with envy.
Come, let us be,
together we will cry.
Let's take for granted nothing more,
show the night the reason why.

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