These Scars

August 10, 2009
By chrsitina_a BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
chrsitina_a BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
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Sitting on my bed at night
Looking at my hand and I
See the creases forming lines
Heading straight up and down my hands
They all go in straight lines
But one is on its side
It’s not going the same way
It’s out of place

My mind has drifted on again
I can’t seem to keep my head
I can’t think of one thing twice
Cuz my heart keeps telling me lies
It keeps telling me to hold on
When my head says it’s all wrong

Nothing feels right anymore
Everything I felt seems to have gone out the door
I can’t keep my head on straight
Cuz it keeps reminding me
And those same memories
That seem to be
Have gone away
Won’t even stay
To replay

How do you expect me to go on?
When I have these scars
You take up too many of my memories
Leaving me insane
Why must the water fall?
When the water can’t see at all
Why must I fall?
When my heart isn’t strong
I've lost almost everything
And I can’t seem to hide the pain
It’s like fresh cuts
That won’t close up

And my heart keeps on beating
But my head keeps on leaving me
I feel the hurt
That keeps on playing
Like a record
Reminding me that it’s not okay
I tried to forget
But you came back in my life again

Tore apart
My emptiness
Made me feel once again
After all I tried to forget
Now I regret
All that’s been said and done
I don’t want to feel this pain
Cuz it’s not fun

To stop the loneliness inside
I have to say goodbye
When all the longing I feel inside
Seems to keep me mesmerized
In your face
When all I want is
To escape into the darkness once again

Hide away
To never find
What I have left behind
I don’t feel like the same again
I feel like I'm losing it
Voices replay
Keep replaying
Memories escape
Flashing before my eyes
Leaving only tears I cry
Then I see your face
And the hurt begins again

I tried and I tried
To forget
But you came back in the end
You stole away my heart again
And played me like a violin
When will I ever see?
That what we had
Wasn’t for me
It tore away and broke me too
Leaving me all confused
Now I’m sitting on my bed again
Staring at my hands

The author's comments:
this piece i had been something that was on my mind alot recently and ive been wanting to write it out.

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