August 9, 2009
By blueatifuldove BRONZE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
blueatifuldove BRONZE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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this magnetic concentration of verbs and pronouns

just don't know how

we get down..

we.. sync the words of truth and belligerent groups

of words that just can't seem to get through

so i weave a dream and you become the catcher..

on this field of disguise you place your pen of words before my verbs

and we begin a mission

as the words become transparent

we.. delude the mind into a caved in paper and pen

so that we can begin our lessons.

you, the teacher and i, the re-teacher

fold this universe of lost minds and trapped thoughts into a post a lintel..

the ancient Grecians bare naked truths

and we speak them

we.. don't need time to think of a undetermined destination

because the truth of life lies on our paper.

we taught our souls

the directions of the gold

so we let them go.

with out WE there was no US.

so as i amaze you, you amaze me and

that US becomes WE....

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