August 9, 2009
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just imagine being something more, not of this world
to have nothing worth fighting for
to spread your wings and fly
no worries about having to die
no anger or depression
no more rage or aggression
to deflect a bullet with your heart
uncaring, neutral from the start
to use one finger to open a door
to breathe and nock your enemies dead on the floor
to please whatever hunger you thrive
no more looking at the moon and wondering
"am i alive"
to be alive
no more institutions let me be
now I'm free...no longer a mental slave of humanity
all my profanity, make me king
wouldn't it be great to be something more
no more subconscious brain
no more fear, no more pain
no more worry about how much you can strain
grown from nothing, stand tall
tower over them all
your not crazy or insane
their just jealous: you have a brain
you need help they won't see you
they better watch the anger flowing through you
wouldn't it be great to be something more
until your laying dead on the floor
risen again bring back to power
even in the darkest hour
wouldn't it be great to be something more....

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Midknightrider said...
Aug. 12, 2009 at 12:15 pm
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