it's better than nothing

August 9, 2009
when i'm with you
that's all i care about
all i think about
me and you
and no one else
but for you
i'm not so sure
do you think about her
when you're with me?
do you settle for me
because you can't have her?
is that all i am to you?
an option
sometimes i wonder
is this all a joke?
am i a joke?
what i feel is real
but do you feel anything
i don't think so
but i don't want to stop this
i'll keep putting myself through this
just to feel something
other than the loneliness
that usually overshadows me
just to have
some affection
to feel wanted
even for just a while
because it's better than nothing

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jenx0x3 said...
Aug. 11, 2009 at 8:03 pm
I absolutly love this and I can really relate to it!
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