August 9, 2009
By chelsea21194 BRONZE, Ganado, Texas
chelsea21194 BRONZE, Ganado, Texas
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You're Broadcasting Live,
But The Signals Not Clear
I’m Misreading The Message,
There’s Problems On The Air.

Fix The Station,
Check The Connection.
We Need This Broadcast
To Perfection.

I Need To See This.
It’s Important News.
There’s No Answer Yet,
But They’ve Found More Clues.

I Need These Clues,
To Solve The Mystery.
I Need Theres Clues,
To Believe The Plee.

You’re Back On Broadcast.
No Damage Is Done.
Repeat The Clues Slowly,
There’s No Need To Run.

The Clues Are:
He Misses Her Already.
When There’s A Glimpse Of Her,
He Goes Unsteady.

I Got The Answer
With The First Clue.
Now I Believe,
The Plee Is True.

He Pleed Very Much,
He Was In Love.
He Found The One,
An Angel From Above.

The Plee Is True,
Now I Believe.
I’ve Figured Out,
He Loves Me.

The Broadcast Went Through.
It Helped Out A Lot.
I Figured Out That,
There Was No Plot.

Now I Have A Mystery,
With Only One Clue.
It Is The Same, Previous Answer,
But Now, Retaining To You.

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