you're all i ever wnated

August 9, 2009
By alyssa_o BRONZE, Lakeside, California
alyssa_o BRONZE, Lakeside, California
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For the longest time that I could remember
I have been in love with you,
And sometimes I wonder…
If you ever felt this way too.
I have tried and tried
But always failed
To get inside your heart and stay there.

Everyday and every night
I think and dream of you,
Hoping and wondering
If you’re dreaming of me too.
When its just us you show me that you care
But around others you’re ashamed

How could I say you’re all I ever wanted
When you didn’t feel the same way.
I used to believe in fairytales
Dreams and wishes too
But now I know they will never come true,
And that I will never be with you.

So now its time, for me to give up
To spread my wings and fly away.
But before I go
There’s one thing you must know
In my heart, you will always stay.

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