When you wait to long this happens

August 8, 2009
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You’re back,
You’re here,
I’ve missed you for so long,
I’ve been waiting for so long,
Now you’re back,
Now you’re here.

Though two weeks seem like forever,
But for two weeks I endured,
Two weeks that went by slow,
Two weeks that I couldn’t stand,
But now you’re back,
Now you’re here.

Two weeks without talking to you,
Two weeks without seeing you,
Two weeks I stare out my window,
And see cars pass by and by,
But now you’re back,
Now you’re here.

I sit here and check my phone over and over,
Thinking whether you have it back yet,
You said you’d talk to me,
So I stare out the window and look at cars passing by and by,
But you’re still back,
You’re still here.

I turn on the TV, the news is on,
On the screen shows not people talking,
But a giant fire,
They say many people died in it,
Though they don’t say who.

You’re still here,
You’re still back.

Or maybe not.

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