August 8, 2009
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That image she pulls draws your stare,
I know I've promised not to care.
It's never too late but shes taken away,
I almost never go about it this way.
Down because I've missed my cue,
he's walking away and she just flew,
It's never madness or anger see,
towards that man I just feel jealousy.
She loves his thoughts, walk, and how he smiles,
I wish she knew for her I'd walk miles.
Up all night just thinking about her,
take a chance no way I would stir.
Wouldn't hesitate would never sit and ponder,
beside her always is where I'd wonder.
If there is anything I can do someone please help me,
don't tell me to give up this is what I feel I need.
You all ask why I stay when I know it's not true,
I know I would die to hear her say "I love you".
But everyday she loves and looks to him,
this dream is already dead and I can't win.
Nothing to hope for not much of a fight,
but I'd give anything to be under his light.

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Ruba B. said...
Sept. 20, 2009 at 8:31 pm
Lovely. I always love to hear a perspective of a boys feelings. =]
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