remind me to forget

August 8, 2009
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please remind me to forget
all the feelings and reasons why
i let you get this hold on my heart
all i want from you is one last good and final good-bye

it’s been so hard to get you out of my head

for once my mind and heart were in agreement
for once all appeared to make sense
and with one swift action
and with one short talk

it was all shattered as you made your move

leaving me behind.

please remind me to forget
that i’ve been struck
hit by that arrow
straight through the heart

so that this little spark will ignite

and over time grow more and more
and continue forever more until it all but consumes me
with a passion
with a desire so fierce

i’m so far in

there’s no turning back.

please remind me to forget
how i feel so empty
so numb that i can’t even shed a tear
can you really not see

that which was missing you had filled with the greatest of ease
that which i needed most was everything you gave to me
i don’t want to admit to myself that i fell for you
i don’t want to admit to myself that i will always be yours
but i let myself chase back after you

and i let myself reach back out for your hand.

please remind me to forget

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