Just Got To Know

August 8, 2009
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Everything i do,

reminds me of you,

and some times it can really hurt.

We've done alot,

been through alot,

but there something i wanted to do.

I had the chance,

I blowned the chance,

my chance of being with you.

There's something wrong,

Something really wrong,

with me trying to tell you.

When i was about to tell you,

right before i could tell you,

you showed me your new man.

For the rest of that week,

that long and sad week,

i had trouble dealing with you.

Seeing you,

just thinking of you,

with another made me feel so sick.

Now I'm getting better,

not better then before,

about you having your new man.

But it could have been me,

it just may have been me,

if i would had just asked you before.

Now i just want to know,

really just got to know,

if he could really have been me?

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