August 8, 2009
You're the feeling that I can't escape,
the hero in my dreams.
You've carried me away from danger,
you've shown me how to find the spring.
You're my favorite drug, my heroin.
My lover boy, my Edward Cullen.
You've always been my everything.
When I close my eyes
you're all I see.
My dream catcher chases the monsters
from my dreams,
but what about reality?
You're always there to save me.
To fall asleep in your arms
is what I yearn for the most.
You took the razor from my hand
and let my scars heal.
My fingers curl tightly in your hair,
pulling you closer,
touching your lips.
Will you always be with me?
Stand by my side,
never give up when it seems to be
harder and harder to breathe.
I'd give up everything to know
how very far our love could go.
Your hand in mine,
do you need another sign?
Let me be free
then be free with me.

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