Critics and Me

August 7, 2009
By BonsaiNinja GOLD, Hamilton, Ohio
BonsaiNinja GOLD, Hamilton, Ohio
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When I think of Critics
In the myths of my mind
I see frowns, noses like fountain handles
Turned up and cold
I imagine their fast, impatient fingers
Scattering pages of my soul
Their eyes, cold blue or demon’s red, alight
At a mistake--
Or, their brows curve like broken bows
An arrow suddenly loosed, stuck inside the heart of my words.

My heart thumps, jumps, skips
Like a school girl
My forehead is like a sidewalk in the rain
My hands slippering, like skates on ice,
Awaiting the Judge’s verdict.

The author's comments:
A rather exaggerated look at my feelings towards critics. Everyone's a critic, though, right? Anyway, I actually like this one. Even so, like my other flawed pieces, I'm sure I'll find myself looking back on it and wanting to change something! Cheers.

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