Guilt displayed freely

August 10, 2009
By Haley Ellis BRONZE, New Market, Tennessee
Haley Ellis BRONZE, New Market, Tennessee
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Once it comes around again
this could very well be the end
time is runnin' low
it's coming to a close
shedding lines of grey
it's the last first day
a time for change
faith forms only to crumble
in the hands of the believer
red dismay appears as regret
a cloud over the height
of a childs innocence
darkness takes flight
into the endless whites
that overtake your perilous eyes
your soul you lost tonight
lifes rampage was your loss of sanity
needing life
you drowned in death
harder to breathe
the heat of the flames
sunken chances
submerged dreams
streams of old memories undertake your mind
guilt displayed freely

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