Night on the Water

August 7, 2009
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The picture of pure, unadultured harmony between world and world's end.
Gentle ripples kiss the shore goodbye as they race towards the unreachable stars,
or the soft, welcoming sand,
whichever comes first.

The clouds gently trickle away from their golden tails to form
one mass of grey, overcast matter,
spreading throughout the vast expanse of the sky, never quite
reaching the end.

I sit on the rocks, the stars beneath my feet,
watching the boats in the sky.
Direction quickly becomes meaningless the horizon is lost, taken by
the vicious, greedy waters.

Those waters swallow the line between heaven and earth,
forming one single sheet of mind-twisting emptiness.
The lights in the distance and the rock beneath me are the only things
keeping me on the ground.

If not for my anchors of light and stone, I would be tempted to
simply slip away into the
never ending world of sea and sky,
swirling clouds and caressing waters,
never to be found.

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