“The ageless sage”

August 9, 2009
By Anonymous

No experience teaches you everything,
The right to observe has always been
Inalienable, but do we have a right to
Cast judgment upon those we love
for their ‘wrongs’? Have we ourselves
Been not the culprits of our own
Lack of valor, shortage of hope, and
Selfish hearts?

Arrogance teaches you nothing
Except the inability to accept,
To easily cower away from our mistakes
Has become a fashion trend that has
Long been in style and we replenish it,
We replenish it.

Despair solves nothing,
It’s another trick of time.
Just a gimmick planted
By the game, that cheats us out,
And we blindly excavate our own graves.

Passion is everything,
Cultivate your spirit and it will never die,
And love…because there is no other way out.

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