August 7, 2009
By rachh BRONZE, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
rachh BRONZE, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
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“See that rose?”
“No, dad.”
“Good, roses are prickly and hurt you more than they help.
See that sparrow?”
“No, dad.”
“Good, they’re flighty and leave just when you get attached.
See that breeze?”
“No, dad.”
“Good, they turn into gusts and storms quicker than you can blink.
See that–”
“No, dad.”
“Good, I don’t either.
I see a pure rose full of love,
A blissful sparrow taking its first adventure,
A beautiful breeze that lightens everyone else’s day
See my heart?” He whispers softly.
“No, dad.”
“Good, it’s about to burst with pride.”
He smiles to himself, takes his child’s hand and continues on their walk.

The author's comments:
Although this is fiction, this is the way I feel about my dad.

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