Beautiful Day

July 1, 2009
By Jeff Marculis BRONZE, Otsego, Michigan
Jeff Marculis BRONZE, Otsego, Michigan
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Beautiful Morning
Imagine yourself in a big,
Open sunlit room,
Laying in a soft white bed,
With white sheets draped about you..
You feel the light morning breeze kiss your feet
as the sun rises over the horizon
and baths your body in its warming presence..
You wake to the sound of morning birds singing their endless songs,
And your eyes open and take in all of mornings glory..
And then you notice it..
Soft fingers gently caressing your back
and playing with your hair as you lay facing the morning sun..
You smile and roll over to look into the eyes of the person from your dream..
There just as you remember,
Wild…but warm, full of Life..Love..and Passion..
Then they get closer..
And as you close your eyes you feel warm,
soft lips plant themselves on your cheek,
and slowly make their way to your lips..
There they pause,
Frozen and captured in a moment of love and ecstasy..
And before you realize your wrapped tight in his arms ..
You hear his voice greet you to the new day,
He whispers cheerfully in your ear..
Good morning love…what did you dream of…

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