Wishful Thinking

August 7, 2009
By alex1709 PLATINUM, Palmetto, Florida
alex1709 PLATINUM, Palmetto, Florida
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A moment froze in time
A reoccurring nightmare
A restraining heartache

Memories fill through my mind
I’m at the theater
Without the popcorn
I have a valentine
Without the candied hearts
I eat the peanut butter
Without the jelly between the bread

Stuck at a crossroads
The answer brings me back only to the question
Do or die?
Now or never?

Stuck on a plan
But never an action
Living through a body
And a different soul

One thread ties us
And one scissor breaks us
One tooth chews us
Another throat swallows

I stand here at the end of the line
Looking back through it all
Waiting for the clock to move again
Waiting for the time to blink again
Just call it wishful thinking

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