No Name

August 6, 2009
By Erica Benham BRONZE, Cedar Springs, Michigan
Erica Benham BRONZE, Cedar Springs, Michigan
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She walks through the halls day by day
Keeping her head down, just passing eveything by
People stare, shes knows it.

But everyday when she gets home,
She stands alone.
Alone in an old empty house.
Alone on the cold floor.
With something in her hand.

Its suppose to take the pain away,
Its suppose to make everything all better
Not that it would matter,
Nobody knows her anyway,
Nobody cares,
Nobody would realize if she ever left.

These things go through her head,
she knows it'll feel better,
She wont have to worry anymore,
She doesn't have anything to lose.

With mother practically dead herself,
On the couch with 10 empty bottles beside her
&& dad probably on his way to another woman's house
She takes a step back.

Closes her eyes,
Takes a deep breath,
Lifts her arm,
Then brings it back down.

She suddenly realizes what she's doing.
It may heal the pain,
Stop the tears,
&& Fix the wrong,
But there's one thing that's keeping her alive.

Its the love from a powerful person,
The hope from a special light,
The name that will never be forgotten.
And she puts the knife down...

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