Who I Am

August 6, 2009
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I'm not who you think I am
You cant figure me out by looking at me
you cant guess who I am by what I like
I'm not your average teenage girl
I don't judge people by where they came from
I don't fit in to a group
from where I grew up you might think I'm ghetto
form how I act and talk you might think I'm a white girl trying to act black
from where I live now you might think I'm trash
from where I go to school you might think I'm a prep
and from what I do you might think I'm a loser
but if you took the time out to get to know me
you will relies that I'm just a girl
I listen to to every kind of music
I'm a lover and not a fighter
but if you mess with me enough I will knock you out
I live with a dad who has done drugs most of his life
but does that make me a druggie?
Who I am is someone who is strong and will fight for what she believes is right
so don't judge me by how I act,
where I grew up
who my family is
where I live now
where I go to school
or who I hang out with
judge me by knowing me......
because thats who I am.

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