Would You?

August 6, 2009
By alex1709 PLATINUM, Palmetto, Florida
alex1709 PLATINUM, Palmetto, Florida
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If the apocalypse came today, with riders of death ready to whisk me away, would you hold me and sacrifice your every will to rescue me?
If flames from the sun threatened to set our souls ablaze with agony and anxiety, would you extinguish my darkness with words of hope?
If a thousand tornadoes of murder should come across my path, would you shelter me with love as strong as steel?
If flasks of poison and envy tried to kiss my tender lips, would you replenish me with good deeds, not sins?
If the tears of a million lonely hearts strived to drown me to the bottom of a cold black sea, would you fill my lungs with air of wisdom and laughter?
In this world where misfortunes are of a daily occurrence
I can only trust one soul.
One soul to carry me off
In a yonder of fulfillment and hearts.
I need to know
Where that yonder rests beneath your soul.

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