Lines on a Tombstone

August 6, 2009
By alex1709 PLATINUM, Palmetto, Florida
alex1709 PLATINUM, Palmetto, Florida
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We spilled our hellos and stuttered our goodbyes. The clutch in my throat never swallowed. The black ocean in my lids bled a blue sorrow. You pulled me in before we plunged in separate directions. And the tide of awkwardness swept us further away. The heat our graces held tempted my blood to move faster. And I promised I wouldn't look back. The black pavement sang a song of lone footsteps. The pockets of my jacket warmed finally with the presence of empty hands. Bitter salt from my cheeks pierced my toungue and the curiousity of what disappointment truly tasted like. Street lights hummed slowly and then faster. The appearance of my breath pounded steadier but soon wild and unpredictable. My numb blood started to flow fresh yet again as it warmed my entire body. Dirt road. Droplets of dew. Bare feet. Jacket thrown in the field I surely passed. Sweat resided were tears once laid habit. My black hair tossed and plummited onto my working shoulders only to return to square one. The blood on my now paralized feet left memories of past hatred and shattered dreams. The fall didn't hurt much. I dug my own hole and I knew what had to be done. The dirt of my life pillowed my limbs but crushed any hope of redemption. I didn't know who buried me, but I recognized the shovel.

Let me sleep. I will awake when my repents are finally noticed. Dig me up but lock me tight in your treasure chest you carefully hide on the forgotten shelf in your closet. Promise me you'll hide that heart-shaped diamond key. And when a new hope dares to touch your chest, I'll disappear but our carved initials will remain. The satin bottom will reveal nothing but my caressed touch. I'll leave behind yet one other thing. - The warm air of my breath, powered by the beat of my heart, broken by your pointed words.

Let's crash and burn so beautifully. Let's fail so gracefully. Let's stumble into fate so hard that it hurts. And we'll deny it all in the end. - Just like you want. So read carefully the words hammered permanently in the stone. Don't stutter or shout. Whisper it barely through chapped lips of peach.

Here lies a cold dead body. Her heart no longer beats. Where she went, no one knows. Her soul is destined only to weep. Her story is kept in a locked diamond box, but someone lost the key. And I tried searching for it but only found this grave. And maybe, just maybe, if I dig her up, I'll see that glimmering key in the hands that I once held. But my shovel broke in two and i don't remember how. So in the ground she will stay. Her story won't be told. Though, the riddle I keep in my back pocket is meant for you, curious reader. "If a diamond lies within the ground and no one's there to see it, does it still shine?"

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