You Lay There

August 6, 2009
By Anonymous

You lay there
Looking peaceful
A blissful expression lighting up your face
Your eyes are closed
Are you really sleeping?

My hand brushes against your cheek
But you do not stir
Your skin is smooth
No dryness at all
Just smooth

The color of you skin
Reminds me of caramal
And how smoothly caramal flows through my hands

I run my hand through your soft, long black hair
A few strands fall across your face
Your eyes flutter as I do
You open them slowly
And they widen in surprise

I quickly clamp my hand over your mouth
To keep you from screaming
And I can't help but think
How beautiful you are when you're scared

The author's comments:
This never happened to me, but it happened to my friend and it was a very scary experience and she gave me her permission to write a poem about it and post online as long as the specific details of the time, place, and people involved remained anonymous.

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