Where do i start?

August 5, 2009
By Chelsea Rooks BRONZE, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Chelsea Rooks BRONZE, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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Where do i start?

with a pad no a pen..

my mind isnt focused

yet it is, though it'll need some processin'.

i wouldn't say its unexpected

but you i could not suppose?!

what irritability..

you have me completly on my toes!

not that its a bad thing

though i cannot see it as positve

i wish the world could give me a choice

some kind of prerogative!

i want to break the ground

but will you fall through these cracks?

will you be able to sustain

these undeniable facts?

or will you stay in society prevailling

wishing to satisfy;

no longer you feel the need

my feelings you gratify.

our world has always been

super egotistical.

Diversity at a bay

They'd make sure not to become too physical

The young has soul

is this why you've made it so easy into my mind?

love has no boundary.

could this be why its also blind?

if man were in eternal darkness

could we finally be?

nothing to obstruct our feelings

no kind of hindering entity...

The author's comments:
interpret as you please.
The poem is about loving someone of a different background/race but the one who is loved is blind to all the prejudice around them or maybe they could be prejudice themselves?

hypothesis anyone?

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