Pray While You Can.

August 5, 2009
By helena94 GOLD, Evansville, Indiana
helena94 GOLD, Evansville, Indiana
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You’re as sheltered as a preschooler
You’re so naïve, that everyone makes fun
Maybe its good, but sometimes not so much
Maybe someday you’ll need to understand.

It’s not what you think
Full of upset and ruin
It’s not what you want
Maybe you should change your mind.

The real world, an enemy of mine
Causing you to choose sides
Make cliques
And be one of their kind.

Murderer of love
Featuring the suicidal thoughts of our generation
Shoving scandal and drugs down your throat
Just don’t swallow.

Who’s going to save you now?
Preach to me
All you want
But the real world has not yet won.

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