Ah, Newbies.

August 5, 2009
By helena94 GOLD, Evansville, Indiana
helena94 GOLD, Evansville, Indiana
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You’re the punch line
Of all the recent jokes.

You don’t know it
You’ve learned not to listen close.

Doors are already
Closed right in front of you.

You want to skip the trouble
And go ahead and switch schools.

But you’re with us
I wish someone was with me.

When I was the jokes,
And never taking the lead.

I feel your pain
I used to, anyway.

Stay with us
We’ll laugh about it someday.

The author's comments:
High school is one of those "make it or break it" kind of things. You fit in or you don't. And it's pretty much some kind of race. Sometimes you don't win, and that's the point of this piece. To find your true friends, and understand that fitting in isn't always the right thing for you.

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