The City of Ruen

August 5, 2009
Under constant rain and cold,
the city of Ruen, its story told,
the demons rise, and open their eyes,
to enslave the weak and slaughter the bold,
Under many leagues of rock,
bright green eyes,
behind ancient lock,
the Master wakes,
and weapons it makes,
for victory through battle and quakes,
Slowly through the pulsing brood,
the demons thrive in land so crude,
the Master is coming, the war drums drumming,
this fact alone, it changes the mood,
there they stand, 4 gaurdians tall,
all demons before them, they do fall,
the monsters lies, follow their cries,
and survivors rally, under heros call,
the Master is here, green eyes ablaze,
3 heros fall, their world her does raze,
the last one stands, and in his hands,
a blade, that holds courage, and green eyes it stays

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