how thin

August 6, 2009
By ZOCHI BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
ZOCHI BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Her eyes are her most noticeable feat
Blue icy discs sunken inward and beat
Dark circles surround them with tints of blue
You just want to stare at her and ask who?
Who makes that vibrant blue turn into grey?
Makes her hide behind her bangs from the day?
Meanwhile she smiles fake happiness
Reminiscing on the feel of his kiss
Her hands are on her stomach feeling ribs
Her legs pushing out elongated twigs.
She looks at the mirror fixing her hair
She looks into it for something not there.
Always adjusting her expensive clothes
Collar bones sticking out like unheard prose.
Her skin is perfect her teeth are like pearls,
But in the interior her heart curls.
She tries to perfect what’s on the outside,
She knows that on the inside she can’t hide.
She’s struggling to fix what’s deep within
But all she can do is control how thin.

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