The Jaguar

August 6, 2009
By Tamara Menashy BRONZE, Lakewood, New Jersey
Tamara Menashy BRONZE, Lakewood, New Jersey
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Racing through the jungle,
a flash of spotted black and yellow fur,
Like a speeding racing car,
His silhouette passing with a blur.

He lifts his nose and sniffs the air,
It is humid, sticky and wet,
Like a plant awakened by the rain,
He laps water from the spraying jet.

As quiet as tiptoes on carpet,
He pads on his paws,
He stalks his prey,
With a snap of his jaws.

With a roar as tremendous as a clap of thunder,
He pounces on his prey,
his muscles tense, sleek and strong as steel,
The monkey jeers mockingly and swings away.

Snakes hiss, tongues flicking,
Parrots screech and fly with a flap of a wing,
The gorilla beats his chest,
But the jaguar is king!

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