Wonder Why?

March 28, 2009
By Anonymous

tears in my eyes,
pain when i speak,
why do i feels so weak?
people stare,
people glare,
wondering why this is me,
as people see
and pondering,
how am i such a mystery?
when they glance,
they dont want to take a chance,
to see why i am unhappy,
they do not want to come my way,
the look in my eyes,
i guess they are afraid,
they dont hear my voice,
i guess they dont want to know what is my choice,
and so much wondering,
why am i so different?
no on else is the same,
so why do they complain?
even though we all are equal
it doesnt mean that everyone cant be different,
we are unique in different ways,
everyone has something special about them,
so why do they treat men and women different?
these are my questions,
things i wish i truely knew,
but i dont,
so that is why i
wonder why?...

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