OhCharley! Look at him!

July 27, 2009
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I walk through the door and wait to be seated.
There he is starring right at me.
"Come this way" he greeted.

My boy is waiting tables and he's the best!
And he has my table on his list.
It's just so hilarious when he trips and makes a mess.
I don't care whatever it takes to be together.

I act like I'm not smiling.
He's just laughing at my poor attempt.
He can tell I'm just lying.

I'm laughing and turning red.
While his wanna be is trying so hard.
Shoo, fly. Move your head.

My boy is waiting your table but thinking of me.
If you pay the price he'll get you a drink.
But I can have his world all for free.
I don't care whatever it takes to be together.

I'm trying to reframe from making a scene.
Trying to act normal while blushing red.
While you attept to make all your looks unseen.

Yep, that's basically how a crush works.
Doesn't waiting have its perks?

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