My Perfection.

July 27, 2009
By Anna Jacobs BRONZE, Daphne, Alabama
Anna Jacobs BRONZE, Daphne, Alabama
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Your smile would knock me off my feet.
When you kissed me so soft and so sweet.
You would wrap me in arms and whisper you loved me.
With you, I could finally say I was complete.

But you could never feel the same.
No matter how much I tried.
You never wanted to be there too.
You left me broken on the inside.

Why did you have to go? Why did you have to go?
I can't believe you left me so broken.
You gave no reasons just left without a trace.
Left me standing with so many words unspoken.

I am hoping you come back to stay.
Wishing you'd realize you made a mistake.
But I know you love her better.
I don't think you know how my heart aches.

I can't keep waiting.
I have to move on without you.
Sweetie, you are just a pretty face.
I should have known..

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