two birds on a line

July 26, 2009
By crayonsoup GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
crayonsoup GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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Two birds on a line,
Exchange a glance to pass the time.
Neither knows who either is,
Or what their past life was.
Scadaddle and squak,
Walk the talk,
With two little birds on a line.
Was it love at first sight,
To whom are you asking?
No body knows,
So lets get packing.
To go to a bigger nest which has more room,
To avoid any human who comes soon.
There are little ones on the way!
Only you and I can stay.
Make it comfy so the eggs don’t crack,
For somebody’s breakfast,
Or maybe a snack.
I shall name one Georgia, and Vicky, and Sam,
And you may call the last one Pam.

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