A Feeling

July 26, 2009
By Iris Fine BRONZE, Irvington, New York
Iris Fine BRONZE, Irvington, New York
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He knew that something terrible was about to happen
He turned right; then left
His eyes slowly scanning his surroundings
He gradually walked faster; step by step
Until darkness came upon him
Concrete roughly bumped an elbow; his elbow
Messages were sent to the brain- alerting the nervous system- where the feeling of Pain came through in an instant
He needed to slow down but Fear made him keep moving
The feeling of cobwebs on his face
Made him squeal; made him sweat; made his stomach hurt
He could feel the peppermint patties he had earlier climb up his throat
He gulped and took a large breath
Inhaling the smell of rotting flesh
The smell of dirt; smell of demons; smell of Death
He froze; and so did the main organ in his chest
Moonlight swept over the area
A howl of a ravenous dog was heard
And so was the sound of the living dead
Waiting for him; watching him
Somebody-Something was close at hand now
Paranoid- Panicked-Frightened-Isolated- Alone
A feeling was there.

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