Rebellious Mind

July 26, 2009
By Anonymous

I heard a man say to the rebellious mind to pull back the reigns and real in
Back toward us.
Somewhere at that same time a church bell tolled gently tingling with the wind summoning the sermonees in to get sermoned. Watch as they sit neatly in rows old man falling asleep and
The women ease the wrinkles out of their new nice clothes. The stain glass throws flowers on the wall the little girl brings her hand to it to hold the flowers which are now on her wrist.
The candle for the sick man burns brightly dancing to the tune of the organ played by the old lady
With the pepper hair and big red glasses. She sways gently.
The altar boy holds the candle with grace walking through the altar solemn and serene.
The man in the corner sings loudly with his deep voice of grace echoing off the walls
(you can hear christ in it).
the burning incense dances like the holy ghost through the pews smelling like thanksgiving
family, sunshine, Christmas, fresh snow, laughter, grandpas chair, and god.
the preacher in pure white spreads his arms speaking of a world that will become in the future.
watch as they bind hands with eternal bonds chanting together as one in the room
one voice together they unite together they love.
Watch them…

Somewhere at that same time a boy falls dead hard on the pavement with a thud
From a slug not meant for him but found its way to him.
The red is hot and burns the ground beautifully you can see god in it.
The girl across the road next to the tracks steps onto the tracks and waits
Who knows why and the family of four sits on the floor dry and dusty roach runs
Across dust leaving a trail. No food tonight better luck the next night.
The fire from the man who believed in the fire burns the house tomorrow
Looks like they didn’t need the food anyway.
The shots fired for that guys cause (hes convinced) which matches that guys cause (hes convinced)
Have been heard for years and probably will be for lots more years.
In the name of the same thing but not the same thing they die and go to the same place.
The ground.
The screams and the sirens and the sad songs and the sick and the soldiers bind enternal bonds
With each other together as one in the room once voice together. Can you hear what I hear in it?

Somewhere at the same time back over there the stain glass window now stains the wall with blood
Which is also on the little girls wrist she screams
Over the voice of preacher explaining the ultimate test would you be like Abraham and be prepared
To prove your love with blood? (maybe ill just quit smoking)
The altar boy trips and the beautiful candle hot pours out over the floor. Smell the burning wood.

Somewhere at the same time the suburban sits in suburbia waiting with the other suburbans for the kid to coming running out from practice
While the father sits in an office looking out the window toward his executive view (its still the same) the secretary comes in that’s quite a view.
The farmer farms then comes inside spitting brown while yelling red white and blue
Are the flags that wave from the united as it kills but also waves from the bell of choice.
The beggar begs on the street corner jingle jangle goes his can young man slips a coin into his
Hand thanks yous are exchanged as the yellow cab drives by with a lover on the way to somewhere far
While the other lover is somewhere else far.
The young cat sits on the street corner with his guitar and smoke smoking and playing laughing with the
Old black man walking down the street.
And the leather jacket rolls down the highway searching for nothing not going anywhere but perfectly content.

Somewhere at the same time the rebellious mind looks up from his coffee and to the man says
To the peaceful keep the peace
To the lover keep the love
To the farmer keep the farm
To the runner keep running
To the climber keep climbing
To the honest keep the truth
To the happy keep laughing
To the killer (stop)
To the fisher keep fishing
To the man keep the woman
To the woman keep the man
To the writer keep writing
To the artist keep arting
To the dancer keep dancing
To the spirited keep the life…
And to the rebellious mind keep rebelling

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