July 26, 2009
By OverxandxOver SILVER, Independence, Missouri
OverxandxOver SILVER, Independence, Missouri
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All your problems from the day.
All the stress you feel building on your chest.
All your worries running through your head.
All the urges inside wanting to just break free.
Now count to ten.
Living life day by day, trying to shake this dreadful feeling off.
Wanting more than anything, to sleep and never wake up.
Fighting the urge to end it all, knowing that I shouldn't.
Thinking about how all the people I love would be in pain.
I force myself out of bed everyday, hoping no one notices how empty I feel.
The tears come streaming down my face, but no one seems to notice.
Not wanting to sleep, dreading the coming day, everything is going to fast.
Done everything to shake this feeling off, but nothing seems to work.
Hoting myself for even having suicidal thoughts, just so I could get rid of this empty feeling.
Just fake a smile, fake a laugh, sooner or later, it'll be real, atleast I hope.
Locking everything inside, no wanting it to escape my mind.
Not wanting someone else to know how I feel, they will only think down upon me.
So I just hold my breath.
Count to ten.
Fall apart.
And start again.

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