July 26, 2009
By Chanelle Mims BRONZE, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Chanelle Mims BRONZE, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
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My soul, it bleeds,
It bleeds the love which once held me together.

My mind, it is poisoned,
It is filled with hatred of you.

My body, it aches,
It is hurt from your torture and pain.

My heart, is broken,
It is shattered like glass, a million pieces to a puzzle, except, each part does not fit.

My time, it is limited,
It passes faster and every second another part of me gone.

My life, it is approaching its end,
It is conquered by darkness, a black hole, which slowly engulfs my soul.

My end, it is here,
It has taken the last part of me that struggled to survive.

My last breath, it is gone,
It was taken from my body, now cold and empty.

My peace, it has come,
It has filled my corpse with ease from the tormented soul you left me with.

I, I am born again,
Another finished chapter in the story of my life, a new beginning without you.

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