July 25, 2009
By Danielle GOLD, Princeton, Texas
Danielle GOLD, Princeton, Texas
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Babe, I saw the ocean for the first time!
The waves rocking back and forth
Against the boat In rthyem,
While I was staring out to the horizon.
It was breath taking.
I have never seen anything like that in my life.
As I staring.....
I saw myself floating around,
Helpless waiting for you to rescue me.
But you weren't there when I was floating to the bottom.
There's no live down here
but some how I'm still alive
I don't know how but
I can't stay here!
I want to live
I want to see the world.
I need to be free!
While I was down there,
I looked in the mirror.
And then it came to me...
I’m tired of being fake.
And pleasing everybody around me but me!
As a result I'm gonna live life to the fullest,
Where ever that goes I'll find that out
When I get there!
It might take me a while to find it
But all I know is that
You aint in that picture
That was a t the bottom of the ocean!

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