Not A Statistic

July 25, 2009
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Look at yourself.
Look at the world.
Look at your color.
They say you're a minority,
A statistic,
Just another nobody going nowhere.
But you want to prove them wrong.
To prove you are not a statistic.
So you climb that mountain.
Climb, climb, climb!
Look around you.
You see your people.
They are the statistics.
Drug abusers, no jobs, baby mamas without a father.
You will not be a statistic.
You will climb this mountain.
Climb, climb, climb!
Look around.
You see the homeless.
They're your people.
But you wont be like them!
You refuse to be a statistic!
Climb, climb!
Stop! Look!
Hood rats, gangsters, drop-outs, drug dealers, drunks, statistics.
Climb, Climb!
Stop! Look!
Survivors, fighters.
People ready to climb with you!
Climb, climb!
Stop. Look.
They've given up.
They've settled.
But you refuse.
You will reach the top.
Climb! Look!
They were almost there.
They gave up.
You wont.
You are not a statistic.
Climb to the top!
Reach your goal.
Make your dreams come true.
And always remember,
You are not a statistic.
I am not a statistic!

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