Seductive Greed

July 25, 2009
By XRamirez SILVER, Round Rock, Texas
XRamirez SILVER, Round Rock, Texas
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You're seductive calls
flow through my walls
So clever you've become
Feeding off of everything I have done
You twist my thoughts
And make me everything that I'm not.

Deception is your middle name
This taste for greed could never be tamed.
Even if you had everything you've always wanted
You'd still feel tempted
to steal every part of me away.
But I'll be damned if you steal this day.

An illusion in the most dangerous disguise
the true identity of those calls is the true surprise
True intentions lie underneath
Finally coming to the top of the wreath.
I see right through you into your past,present and future.
Get out of here, it's time to heal these sutures.

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