July 25, 2009
By Makeda Kerr GOLD, Ocean City, New Jersey
Makeda Kerr GOLD, Ocean City, New Jersey
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I'm unbreakable i stay strong and surrender my heart to those who i have trust in. I am no man's property or will i ever be a slave to the world i live in. I will rise above what they think i am or what they think i will become. My heart my soul and my mind fuse together to give me the inspiration to be the strong indvidual i am. I have a mind of a genuis and the heart of an artist in love with a master piece. I think ahead of the game knowning someone is always there tying to un do what i have already acomplished. I don't live to please you i don't live to please him i live to inspire the uninspirational. I will never meet your expectations and i'm okay with that.Im strong I am Unbreakable Im nothing you are and never will be what you want me to be. But i'll always be myself each and every day i'm on this earth. I take live as it's served.....

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