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July 24, 2009
By Heather Limmer BRONZE, Friendswood, Texas
Heather Limmer BRONZE, Friendswood, Texas
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There is a prickling in my eye,
a catch back in my throat.
I see the footage of a moment,
feeling I will surely die.

There is a laugh brilliant, bright and bold!
I smile sadly as you laugh.
Ringlets in the sunlight shimmer,
brilliant, bright! And gold.

There is a flush upon your cheeks,
humid happiness on a summer night.
And then so pale, turned so light,
faded in months- in weeks!

There is a tear, goes down my face,
splashes somewhere I can’t feel.
My bodies numb just like my heart
it's barely keeping pace.

There is a sudden shining glow.
Someone’s turned on the light.
The trance is broken. My memory gone…
There is only one I know…

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on Aug. 11 2009 at 8:18 pm
embarassment, anxiety, excitment, sadness all in one poem. i felt all of those emotions, which makes this poem absolutly marvelous

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