What I Only Wish I Had The Courage To Say

July 24, 2009
You know when you thought you found someone special
Someone that you just loved to be around
You’d do anything for them, but they just throw your feeling to the ground
Like they throw around words that mean so much to you
Just so they can get you to do what they want you to
Not like you wouldn’t do it anyway, you’d do anything they asked
But they are always looking for something better
Like you’re not good enough for them, their feeling for you have passed.
But you know the truth, they never find anything better
You’re the best they’ll ever get
Yet it still tears you up in side, that you were the one by their side
Yet they choose to ignore that fact
So they go around trying to have what ya’ll had
But they’ll never have what ya’ll had
Truthe is, you were the only one who really cared
Where were their so called “friends” when they were down?
No where, no one was around.
Except for you
So just wait, cause one day they fall
And when they do, who will come to their rescue?
No one, no one will be there
Except for you
But you won’t be there with your arms out stretched
To lift them up, give them an embrace
No, you’ll be there to laugh in their f---ing face.

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