July 24, 2009
By Madison SILVER, Burin, Other
Madison SILVER, Burin, Other
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Love, what is it? dose any of us really know, or do we just get these strange feelings for no reason. Dose anyone really know. I dont know, but what I do know is I get these really great feelings come upon me for no reason at all. Is that the feeling that they all call love. The emotion noone can see or can prove but we all feel it but cant describe it in words. I dont know how to describe it but I know one thing, baby, these great feelings I get, there cause of you, every single one of them. Your the reason I smile, the reason I get butterflies. The reason I feel this one emotion I just cant seem to get through my head called love. I dont know how to explain it but I know your the cause of all this wonder, happiness, beauty, joy, its a bit of everything. But most of all its love. I may not fully understand what love is all about but baby when I look into your eyes and just feel your touch I know its love there. I feel it in my heart that your the one I love. The one I need, through the rest of my life. I may never fully understand these feelings but whatever they are keep them comming, the feelings I get when im with you are the feelings I get when i'm with you are the feelings I love. And I know if this is love then I love you

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