I'm Starting to Feel It

July 24, 2009
By sugarsweetshelby SILVER, Cape Coral, Florida
sugarsweetshelby SILVER, Cape Coral, Florida
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I’m starting to feel it
The ache, the itch, that feeling we all know
When the best thing that’s ever happened
Is about to end.

When we know
That what we love, what we care about,
What is helping to make us the best we can be
Is about to end,
We feel that much more hurt that it has to.

We waste time
Worrying, sad,
Tears streaming down our cheeks
Forming rivers of regret

Why waste the time?
Why waste the moments
That could be the things that get us through
Until we can return to that happiness?

Live every second as though it were your last
Because it is your last here, it is your last of your own
It is your last for now.

So savor it,
Feel it,
Know it.

And one day
Come back to it
And be this happy
Again and again and again
And stay longer
So you don’t have to say your goodbyes so soon
To everyone and everything you’ve grow to love.

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