July 24, 2009
By sugarsweetshelby SILVER, Cape Coral, Florida
sugarsweetshelby SILVER, Cape Coral, Florida
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Unsolicited but necessary
You come
You teach
You leave

I am sad but happy
Proud but ashamed
Because I don't think I can do everything you think I can
But I'm proud that you have that kind of faith in me.

You see something in me that most people don't see
You see through me.
And it's not some bulls*** book that taught you how to do that
You do it on your own.

Within such a short time
You know my flaws, my fears
The things that make me crazy
But there's a couple things you don't yet understand

You don't yet know the strength I possess inside
You don't yet know the faith I have in myself, buried underneath the self-deprecation
You don't yet know the secrets that I have deep inside my soul
You don't yet know the power I have to do great things, to change the world.

You will know all of these things if you let me show you them.
I believe our friendship can last the distance
And even if we don't keep in touch
What you taught me
In about 20 minutes
May be the only thing I really needed to hear all along.

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