July 24, 2009
By Miriam Lawson BRONZE, Oxford, Alabama
Miriam Lawson BRONZE, Oxford, Alabama
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No-one saw it coming,
Or from whence it came.
But the wave washed over the land,
A wave of terror, of fury, of pain.
The wave engulfed the land,
With such tremendous power.
All that was was no more,
Within a fearful hour.
Children lifted a thousand feet,
An inevitable watery death.
Lost, in the water,
A final gasping breath.
One earthquake,
Thousands dying and dead.
Life lost and love lost,
The guilt of those who fled.
She lay on the beach in the sunshine,
The sand between her toes.
A disaster is coming,
But nobody knows.
They paddled in the ocean,
They swam in the sea.
Not knowing that children,
Is all they'll ever be.
The wave came crashing,
Frail houses snapped in two.
They all started screaming,
Not knowing what to do.
The wave hit the beach,
With a tumultuous roar,
All those innocent people,
Would be no more.
Children without parents,
Husbands without wives.
All the innocent people,
That lost their lives.
She stood on a street of ruins,
Calling for Mum and Dad.
The look on her six-year-old face,
Confused, lost and sad.
Help arrives in helicopters,
But only for a few.
They all want to blame someone,
But they don't know who.

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