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July 24, 2009
By haleyhill BRONZE, Westlake Village, California
haleyhill BRONZE, Westlake Village, California
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The East is calling you.
Leading you.
Pulling you.
The winds are changing.
Holding you. Pushing you.
The Earth is moving.
Guiding you.
Telling you.

You mustn’t be afraid of the seasons.
They exist for all the right reasons.
California dreamin’ wont shake a storm
From these skies.

So come to this place.
Where it snows and it hails.
Come to this place.
Where it changes,
But it’s good!

What’s keeping you?

I’ll get you there,
Be it by plane or rocket.
Or cannon.
Or Blimp.

You’ll land right on
Time Square!
I’ll meet you there!

Tell me yes.
Just Promise me this.

Pack all your things and go.
Just go!
Leave him behind.
And her.
And them.

Don’t be afraid
To toss yourself in.

The city has never slept,
Waitin’ for you.
Lights! Camera! Taxi!

Love the rush. Feed the rush.
Live for this time when you’re moving and living.
Move for this time
when you’re living and living.
Lose yourself and then find it again.
Cover it in silk or rags.
Everything goes with concrete.

Just go, for the snow!
Dance in it.
Play in it.
Live in it.

Love in it.
Find a house.
Or just a place.
And laugh in it.
Give to it.
And stay a while.
But put on a jacket!

You’re in New York now
For God‘s sake!

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