July 24, 2009
By haley mckee BRONZE, Palm Springs, California
haley mckee BRONZE, Palm Springs, California
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All around are clouds, what are they for?

what do they want, why are they here?

For RAIN... right? wrong ..well right except

wrong in the sense that their also here for

something more, their here to bring a little shade

or some might call it "darkness" to our day.

Others seem to think that clouds are there to

bring thunder and destruction as if their some

kind of warning of a storm. Some think of them as

destruction...some like to think of them as comfort.............

some thing of it as sadness,gloomeness..

And yet still others think of it as happiness that

is about to bring a little sprinkle of rain to our world

to make everything cleaner and make the flowers more alive

and maybe leave a rainbow behind as a sign of happiness.

But then again they can also see it as bringing darkness

and a sign of a horrible natural disaster that can possibly start

a catastrophe like it has before. How can these puffy white things

that can have so many beautiful shapes and come in an abundance

of sizes, bring sadness and happiness all at the same time? I guess it all has to

do with the way you deside to look at it. But for me? i deside to look at it both ways

Dont you think two stories are better than one? Dont you think you should

listen to both sides of the story , before making such a rash desision on

picking the one side you feel is convieniant for you that very day?

I mean what if everything changes in one day? what if the next day you hear the other side

by looking out the window and stepping out in the fresh air

and remembering that all that fresh and good smelling air your breathing into

your very lungs, and that wonderful rainbow and those happy flowers on your porch,

came from the very clouds that yesterday cause you anger and frustration when you got in a car accident

because of the rain that made you skid off the road...... think about it carefully now, How can you ever make a

a quick decision? How can you ever feel the same again after what you discovered? It's amazing how something

can be so beautiful and so full of life and light, can get so horribly ugly and so very dark and dull and full of anger

at other times.......... That sounds familiar ........dont you think? Well i do .............think ......that is. I do think

that it very much reminds me of how I am and everyone else most likely is. We all have our horrible days

but you cant just erase all of those other great and happy days with one lousy can you? No.......

You Definatly Can, NOT. So now what do you think clouds are here for? Well... it really depends on what side of

the story your being told today........

The author's comments:
I just get inspired by things around us on a daily basis. You eventually start getting into deep thoughts about seemingly simple things. I wrote this by just writing and at the end came to realize it as the truth, and it's helped me see things in a different perspective.

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